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30 Jul

Healthy Travel

A very important part of travelling is to travel and to stay healthy. To help you on this important topic, we collected a few tips and tricks in the following blogpost.


You always need to know about potential risks for countries you travel to. Try to get as much information as possible about for example: special diseases, climate type, unusual altitudes, poisonous plants and animals or political problems. You can check warnings at your governments website for potential travel risks.

2.Immune System

A healthy immune system is the basis to prevent sickness. Keep in mind that you are not used to certain things in other countries, so you are more likely to become sick.

3.Medications and Vaccines

To travel to risky areas, you will need to get vaccines. So always make sure to talk to your doctor before heading off to for example South America or Asia. Also make sure that you bring al your medication you need for your everyday life with you. There might be certain countries where ypu won’t be able to get the medication you need.

4.First aid kit

To maintain a healthy travel lifestyle its always a good idea to take a first aid kit with you. In case of emergency you will have everything right there. But don’t take too much unnecessary stuff with you. You don’t have to be prepared for every eventual situation. Basics like pain killers, bandage, sanitisers, anti bacterial ointment and a few other things will be enough.


As you all know, staying hydrated is very important for our body. So make sure to always carry a bottle of water with you. And in some countries also make sure, that the tap water is drinkable!


Proper sleep is very important for body and mind! Travelling can be tiring, since you do a lot of walking, carrying luggage, crossing timezones and so on. So always listen to your body and try to get as much sleep as possible. If you feel like it, also try to have at least one day of relaxation and wellness.


Try to walk as much as you can, everywhere possibly – your body and the environment will thank you for that! Another plus is the way you get to explore the city or destination you are at. You get to see so much more than you could possibly see by taking public transportation or a ride. Its a whole different way of exploring.


Food also takes a big part in our wellbeing. So try to eat as healthy as possible and don’t skip meals – especially not breakfast. While you’re in a hostel like our Sleep Green Eco Youth Hostel, you can also always prepare your own food. Get some fresh ingredients from a local market and make yourself a healthy meal!

9.Skin Protection

Always use sunscreen while you’re out in the sun! Try not to damage your skin and avoid the risk of skin cancer.