Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy Statement

Based on a strong vision for a more sustainable future we created Sleep Green, an Eco Youth Hostel in the center of Barcelona. To make recognizable to the customer that we operate to high standards of performance and advocate socially and environmentally sustainable business practices, we applied for the EU Ecolabel, an award for products and services, which meet the highest environmental standards.

At Sleep Green we acknowledge that an accommodation provider has a negative impact on the environment. To minimize harmful effects of our business activities to the fullest extent we have taken the following action steps:

Renewable Energy

We contracted an electricity company providing 100% of our energy from renewable sources

Light Bulbs

Across Sleep Green Hostel you will se that we have solely installed LED light bulbs to cut energy consumption


We have created facilities to easily recycle and separate waste


We only use biodegradable cleaning products and recycled toilet paper as well as office paper


We inform guests of our environmental management and encourage them to support us with achieving our environmental goals


We conduct regular staff training to ensure staff is up-to-date with our environmental measures


The majority of our electrical appliances on site are rated A+++ with a minimum of A+ energy efficiency


All of our shower-heads and taps are push taps to minimize Sleep Green’s water consumption

Into the Future

The environmental values we practice today will have lasting benefits on the world as a whole moving forward. We want to preserve the beauty of our city and natural wonders and believe that by fostering our commitment to sustainable initiatives we will ensure that in future only environmentally sustainable processes, pollution prevention, and a continuous improvement in the design of our facilities and execution of our services on offer in relation to the environment are implemented. Further we will:


Continuously strive to reduce any possible damaging effects to the environment which may result as a consequence of our activities


Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and constantly try to stay ahead of these


Encourage the integration of environmental considerations into business planning and decisions


Effectively communicate our commitment to the environment to our employees, suppliers and guests, as well as promote awareness and accountability to environmental issues to help us implement our environmental policy


Continue to look for opportunities to improve our environmental performance by evaluating the results of our environmental policy and set goals for further improvement on a yearly basis

Signed: Michelle Myers, Environmental Manager 

Date & place: July 2013, Barcelona