30 Jul

Healthy Travel

A very important part of travelling is to travel and to stay healthy. To help you on this important topic, we collected a few tips and tricks in the following blogpost. 1.Research You always need to know about potential risks for countries you travel to. Try to get as much information as possible about for...
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25 Jul

Grandules’19, Circuit and Festa Major de Gàcia

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most favorite cities when it comes to sightseeing and summer holidays in general. But it also becomes more and more popular for huge festivals. With its variety of different neighbourhoods and its artificial beaches, Barcelona is predestinated to host popular festivals. In this post you will find a list of...
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6 Jul

How to travel responsible and sustainable

Everyone loves to travel. But did you ever think about the impact you have on the environment and people while travelling? Here are some tips and tricks on how you can follow your passion with minimum negative impact. 1. Choose your destination wisely The further you travel, the bigger is your negative impact on the...
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26 Jun

March 27th 2019 – The ban on single-use plastics

Have you heard about the EU Parliament vote to ban single-use plastic? And do you know what this means? What is single-use plastic? As the name states, it is plastic which is used only once before it’s thrown away. Examples are plastic bags, straws, (water) bottles and food packaging. Because the plastic is petroleum based,...
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19 Jun

Solo Travel

At first, traveling solo seems to frighten people. But once you have experienced  this empowering adventure, you won’t want to miss it. But clearly, it can have it’s up and downs and this is what we want to discuss in this post.  3 „Ups“ of Solo Travel  I. Meeting new people Especially if you are shy...
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7 Jun

Off Week, Artenou & BORN Street Food

Next weekend is going to be busy in Barcelona! Whether you’ve already got a trip planned, or you’ve got some free time to have a quick getaway, there’s sure to be plenty for you to do next weekend! Here’s a few ideas of what you could do, or maybe you’re already planning on going to...
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2 Nov

Art Galleries & Open Art Spaces

There is no right or wrong time to appreciate art, but it is true that it is much more tempting to visit museums and galleries when the weather is a bit colder and when there is an opportunity for free entrance. Enjoy our recommendations for best art spaces close to center and our hostel. DO...
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30 Aug

Beaches near Barcelona

Nova Icaria Beach & Bogatell beach Nova Icaria is located beside the Port Olimpic. You can find many nice restaurants and bars nearby and have a drink in the beach bar. There are also facilities for volleyball and table tennis and basic services like toilets, changing rooms, beach umbrellas and adapted showers. Bogatell beach is...
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